Colour Therapy, Rainbow Therapy

Colour Therapy, Rainbow Therapy

“Colour and spirituality have been closely associated since time immemorial. There is an old saying that colours, too, sing and dance in prayer.

“During the Vedic period it was known as suryakiran chikitsa and used to heal physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual problems. Colours balance the body’s energy through chakras. Eating, drinking and watching different colours in sufficient …”

“Colours spread spiritual energy in the body. Today, colour therapy is frequently used as a relaxation and healing technique. The interiors of your house play an important role since colourful walls and objects in the house bring alive the energy potential in you. Colour is present all around us, in everything; we just need to be more aware of it.”

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Colour Therapy or Rainbow Therapy have no downside and a history of providing healing benefit and increasing your sense of peace, enjoy testing it for yourself…

Why worry about what anyone else may think?

Explore for yourself…


Elimination: Simple, Obvious, Surprisingly Beneficial…

Elimination: Simple, Obvious, Surprisingly Beneficial…

Get rid of elimination problems you may have…

Prevent problems you don’t have… And don’t want…

This video is 3 minutes 12 seconds and well worth the time for a lifetime issue…

I was first introduced to this concept about 30 years ago.
It was simple, obvious and surprisingly beneficial for
Now a company has made this idea affordable and attractive.
Until you make simple changes, you can create hemorrhoids,
colon disease, constipation and pelvic floor issues – just to
name a few!
Why would you when you have a choice?
Take a look at a surprisingly simple tool to support your
I love simple changes.  Especially things I pay for 1 time – and
not much – that are mine forever…
Plus it is the information that provides the solution… Not
just the product offered…
Modern civilization provides a lot of easy solutions, like
indoor plumbing, that are wonderful innovations…
However if there is something wrong with the design, then
we are using something that is designed to create problems.
We are responsible for our lives and our ignorance…
Once we learn and begin to choose options that maximize
our health, entrepreneurs will make changes or create options
that support our decisions…
Take a few minutes to watch the video above to prevent
elimination problems or to help rectify any you have now…
Once you know what your choices are, you are likely to
remember when problems arise…
It’s even better to make simple changes today to prevent
elimination challenges from ever happening to you.

Nutritional Healing: Mother Google Says “Drugs Are Good… Nutrition Bad!”

Nutritional Healing:

Mother Google Says “Drugs Are Good… Nutrition Bad!”

(Editor’s Note: Some of the details in this article on what Google is doing have changed.  I think Mother Google’s love of drug advertising revenues influences many of her decisions about lifetime banning of natural and alternative healing websites, their advertisers and search results.  Perhaps she’ll quit censoring alternative information to monopolies she loves.  If we see evidence of changes, we’ll let you know.)

Mother Google has discouraged the concept of Nutritional Healing by banning different advertisers, advertisements or most anything that might compete with the Drug Cartels who spend billions in false advertising.

How can we say their advertisements are False Advertising…? Because, of the number of drugs that are pulled off the market and it becomes revealed that the drug pushing company has hidden reports and/or was ignoring the reported deaths and other complications caused by their drug.

If they know something is bad and/or deadly for some people and push it anyway, in my opinion, that’s false advertising… Especially since drugs normally cannot compete with Nutritional Healing except by using their monopoly status supported by the FDA, FTC and lapdog media to suppress the effective and mostly side effect free alternatives to overpriced, dangerous drugs.

And Mother Google stands ready to help the Drug Lords with their battle against competition from nutritional healing and other alternatives to the Darkside of Mainstream Medical.

Today Google stepped up their battle against Nutritional Healing and Nutrition.

Google has a feature called “Google Shopping.”


Go to this link:


Now enter Dog Food.


You’ll see a wealth of information on choices.


Next enter a specific brand in the search box.  Try Orijen dog food.


You are given top choices, locations and prices.


On the right hand side, you will see prices and a button that says “compare prices.”


When you click that it will take you to a page that lists the stores, their price, taxes, and any shipping charges and gives you the total so you can easily select best pricing.


That will provide an example of how the feature normally works.  That is one of the innovations I love.  Now comes the Mother Google that is a drug pushing wh*re.


Now try Vitamin C or almost any product that might reduce profits of the Drug Cartels, and you will find nothing but a few paid adv’s.


Next look for a drug.


I don’t take pharmaceuticals.  Pharmaceuticals are based on dismal imitations of Nutritional Healing.  Why take drugs with their side effect when you can take the nutrients the drugs are imitating?  I had to go look for some advertising to find the name of a drug.


I found a drug, for those seeking to suppress the symptoms of hypertension instead of curing the causes, called Bystolic.


This link provided my Vitamin C Results.…0.0…1ac.TAkoNNjp6VM


Put Bystolic in the search engines and look at those prices.  Bystolic is a generic drug.  Prices for non-generics are through the roof.


This link provided my Bystolic Results:…0.0…1c.rn9dW6P-HQ8&psj=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=fb506c04b7212b75&biw=1172&bih=593


Mother Google has decided to help protect us from the evils of Nutritional Healing and encourage us to embrace lifelong addictions to expensive drugs with side effects that kill around 106,000 people per year when used as prescribed… Not counting side effects which require more drugs to make them bearable…


We encourage you to share this outrage by linking to this story or write your own story for your blogs, emails or however seems reasonable to you.  Remember spam is NOT a good way to spread a message.  Use your social networks, blogs, letters to the editor, talk shows, etc. nutritional-healing/


If Mother Google wants us to: “Take our drugs and stay away from those nasty old nutrition pushers…”  It is time to find better sources of information on Nutritional Healing than the links Mother Google pushes.


One, of many, excellent resources on health, healing, and the darkside of mainstream medical procedures and drugs is the Life Extension Foundation (LEF).


You can find out more here, hosted on the Frequency Shield Site and subscribe there with a 73% deep discount.


They’re not perfect.  They are consistently superior and a much better resource for well researched health and healing information instead of Mother Google’s highly profitable drug promotion and mainstream medical propaganda.


As a member, if you are considering surgery, a new prescription, mammograms, or anything health related, you can:

  • Use the toll free number to contact the LEF medical research department,
  • Tell LEF what your question or concern
  • Provide LEF an email address
  • The LEF staff will research the issue much better than you can and send you what they have found that is pertinent and the sources of information so that you or your doctor can review the information. (It is a very unusual doctor who will take the time to review anything that does not support the Mainstream Medical Cult.  They are stressed by patient’s needs, time deprived by work overload, and rightfully worried about liabilities they might incur if they move outside the herd.)


LEF’s medical research team has high quality personnel who love what they do.  You could get a science graduate, a medical student, a masters graduate, a PhD, or a Medical Doctor doing research for your illness.  The training program for these already highly qualified researchers is 2 weeks at LEF offices to teach them how to improve their research skills and access paid data bases, services and medical journals, that you and I could not afford.


Annual Membership in LEF also provides:

  • Discounts up to wholesale pricing on pharmaceutical grade nutrients… (& Sales that may have even better pricing),
  • Online search for health related topics (that unlike Google) which are focused on identifying the source of a problem and not just how to cover up symptoms,
  • 6 full color monthly magazines, (Available in Better Bookstores at $4.99 each)
  • A discount pharmacy for those who still need drugs,
  • Recommendations and discounts for blood tests,
  • Webinars to teach you more about staying healthy or restoring health,


Annual membership is $75.  We have a special invitation for a 6 Month Full Membership for $9.95.


You can find out more here, hosted on the Frequency Shield Site and subscribe there with a 73% deep discount.




Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology

Authors Dr. Ben Johnson w Dr. Alex Loyd of       Best Selling “The Healing Code” Book


Applied Kinesiology, a Simple & Amazing Technique to?

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a simple and easy tool you can use to access quantum levels of intelligence… Whatever that means.

What I think is happening is you are accessing inner resources your are not consciously aware of.

We know your unconscious processes 11 million (11,000,000) bits of information per second. Your conscious mind processes 7 bits per second (plus or minus 2).

To better understand those numbers, notice for a moment how much there is going on around you when you stop and pay attention.

  • What are some of the colors you see?
  • How about shapes, sizes, textures?
  • When you stop and focus, what can you feel? Touch? Taste? Hear?
  • How many sounds are there?
  • Can you hear your own breathing, air conditioning, heartbeat, the sound your clothes may make as a sleeve something moves against another sleeve? What about your thoughts and memories as what you read is compared to what you know, what you believe and perhaps conditioned responses where you just blank out the input?

Your mind is controlling an incredible number of bodily activities from breathing to digestion to focusing your eyes and a myriad of other things. If you had to do all of these consciously, you would be overwhelmed, leading to paralysis and death. That’s just too much for your conscious mind to handle.

AK is a conscious process of accessing that marvelous part of you which has been processing information at 11 Million Bits Per Second during every second of your life.

AK is simple and easy to use with next to no instruction. With practice they are a wonderful resource for you to use in a variety of different ways.

  • Test the Healing Codes Benefits for Yourself and Others?
  • *Test for food allergies?
    *(Animals generally can tell whether or not something is good for them. We ignore this sense. An animal’s senses are not perfect. They still get poisoned. This method is not perfect either. It’s just better than where you are now.)
  • Create a feedback system to help your healing?
  • Create a feedback system to help your creativity?
  • Create a feedback system to help your finances?
  • Create a feedback system to help grab insights and make new discoveries?

First, let’s qualify something, this isn’t perfect… It just improves your abilities to receive feedback on certain things you would like to evaluate for yourself.

With a little bit of training, practice and review, it is almost magical. Over time, there is no telling what you might be able to do. Keep your humility or you may become a train wreck waiting for your destiny.

Before any testing, test yourself with the statement: “I am ready to test this statement for higher wisdom and love.”

If you get a no, that question is inappropriate and will not benefit you to test using this method. It could also be the statement is poorly constructed.

You can discover your own “Truth Statement”. Just test it using AK to make certain it is better for you and remember if you teach others have them test whatever “Truth Statement” they make to be certain it is appropriate for them and/or to create their own.

The Truth Technique is going to teach you an introductory level that is simple, fast and easy to learn.

There are many methods out there which you can learn to use. Many require more time and practice. Let’s start with simple, fast and easy.

There are several short basic presentations to give you a good overview with a little repetition. Plus everyone does things a bit differently and explains things differently.

You should be able to do Kinesiology with a friend to test “The Healing Codes” or most anything.

Plus you and your friend can form your own Healing Circle and use the Codes for and on each other.

With someone testing you, state what system you are using (Healing Codes, EFT, TFT, Emotion Code, Matrix Energetics, Body Talk, Quantum Touch… They’re all pretty good and each has advantages and disadvantages. Perfect isn’t out there yet.):

“The Healing Codes are helping me reduce my stress.”

“The Healing Codes are helping me heal my stress connected to _________________.”

“The Healing Codes are helping me heal _________________.”

“The Healing Codes are helping me.”

There is the possibility you are doing your codes or your testing incorrectly. You may want to review the instructions or test with a different partner.

My experience has been, the Codes always work to reduce stress and allow your body’s natural systems to return to their Natural Levels. Always is a BIG word. I know people who returned because they did not get the result they wanted even though they might be getting other benefits. That’s fair. You’re the judge.


One thing to keep in mind is; you can do some amazing things with AK… You are not omniscient.

This does not make you all-knowing, all-seeing, all-wise…

And you must use it with and through universal love or you will sabotage the process and your personal development.

The Truth Technique teaches methods you can use when you don’t have someone else to help you.

 The Truth Technique is an advanced Applied Kinesiology Training. It is suitable for those who are eager to learn everything they can about Applied Kinesiology.

The Truth Technique is not necessary to use the Healing Codes.AK is not necessary to use the Healing Codes. It can definitely be helpful.

Follow this link to test this technology for yourself.

Applied Kinesiology:

Live Long, Free & Blessed,
Don Winfield

PS – Applied Kinesiology must be tempered with humility. You use it as one test of many to evaluate whatever you are testing. We encourage you to use it with and through love plus humility.

You will find it fascinating.

Purchase the Applied Kinesiology Package Now!

Our contact page for any reason is


Renowned spiritual healer Zhi Gang Sha to unveil secret Divine Healing Hands …

Zhi Gang Sha, a Mixed Blessing?

The Divine Healing Handscarries: Divine Love that can melt all blockages; Divine Forgiveness that brings inner joy and inner peace to all life; Divine Compassion that boosts energy, stamina, vitality and immunity of all life; Divine Light that heals,

Zhi Gang Sha has a reputation both as a healer and as a cult creator…

A quick search on his name will bring up a host of criticism.

One of his critics states: “There is one single truth in Zhi Gang Sha’s teaching:  3396815 is a mantra that works.  It was not designed by him.  It was his adopted father who utilized this wisdom to help thousands and thousands of people.”

I have seen a number of articles on Zhi Gang Sha and the different methods he is exploring.  The methods are definitely worth exploring, group healing is worth exploring as is distance healing, song, dance & who knows what else.

He has announced the intention to setup 100 free clinics in Mumbai and train 32,500 healers…

We have done several articles about Zhi Gang Sha and his works.  Approach anything and anyone with an open mind.  Then after you have listened with an open mind, you can allow your inner critic free reign.

Then your next step is to figure what you can take that is of value to you, while respecting the cautions provided by your inner skeptic.

Finding what is of value is the more important of the 2 steps.  If you keep improving, the downsides tend to evaporate as you move forward.

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Energy Healing | EMF Jewelry | EMF Necklace | Extreme Low Frequency | Electromagnetic Frequency

Energy Healing | EMF Jewelry | EMF Necklace | Extremely Low Frequency | Electric Magnetic Field… Your health depends on the ability of your cells to communicate with each other and your mind. Today we are bombarded with ELF EMF (Extremely Low Frequency | Electric Magnetic Field) from almost everything electrical.  This includes cell phones and other devices which are linked via wifi, cell towers and other broadcast fields.

Our ease of access and communication comes with a health cost for those who do not take precautions to protect the communications of every cell of your body. Your cells can be seriously hampered by a sea of interfering frequencies. You can do something to help yourself.


Energy Healing | EMF Jewelry | EMF Necklace | Extremely Low Frequency | Electric Magnetic Field

“Einstein’s theory of relativity and the ancient Indian philosophies have finally been proven by science that all matter is energy. This matter comes with equipped with its own electromagnetic field. The earth also has a magnetic field of its own that we have been used to for millions of years. Researchers have now proven that all equipment such as the TV, radio and microwave have an electromagnetic field of their own.”

“That equipment emits ELF (Extreme low Frequency) and EMF (Electromagnetic frequency), which affects the working of the human body. Many biologists have talked about the dangers of the constant exposure to ELF and EMF. These ELF and EMF can cause a disruption in cellular functioning and cause the cells to divide indefinitely and give rise to diseases like cancer.”

“Many scientists at the Washington State University have conducted experiments to know the effect of the EMF and ELF on the brain cells of rats. They found that exposure to microwave radiation and cell phone radiation causes an increased incidence of diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Huntingdon’s disease and Parkinson’s syndrome.”

“The human body is bioelectric and bio-magnetic in nature and hence it is affected by the ELF and EMF radiations. Studies have shown a decrease in the natural immunity for children who have been exposed to these radiations. Other harmful effects include chronic fatigue, irritability, insomnia and decreased concentration.”

“However, there is good news. Many manufacturers have made products that are useful in decreasing the harmful effects of the EMF and ELF…”


“These products may not be able to eliminate these radiations but they can make a considerable difference in reducing the harmful effects of these radiations. So, in case you are feeling low on energy and are sleep deprived then you might be experiencing electromagnetic stress. Wear the EMF jewelry necklace or carry the EMF protection devices in your pocket and see the difference!”


Energy Healing | EMF Jewelry | EMF Necklace | Extremely Low Frequency | Electric Magnetic Field… You have a lot of ability and many choices to protect yourself from stress creating chaotic frequencies which sabotage your immune system.

Our preferred one, we make money on; but, we looked for the best not merely where we could make money. Decide for yourself:

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Energy Healing | Dr. Bradley Nelson | Applied Kinesiology | Muscle Testing

Energy Healing | Dr. Bradley Nelson | Applied Kinesiology | Muscle Testing… This is an excellent demonstration of Inner Wisdom Accessing Techniques you can learn to use by yourself.

These techniques are easy to learn if you will duplicate the actions as you watch. I recommend you stop and start to play with what you learn as you learn it. You learn faster and more completely by doing.

New Improved AK Solo Testing Free Training

Dr. Bradley Nelson does an excellent job of providing easy to follow, easy to learn and easy to apply methods to tap into your resources that are outside of your conscious awareness.

Applied Kinesiology also called Muscle Testing allows you to tap into your vast pool of accumulated knowledge outside of your conscious awareness.  Every book, training program, magazine article, educational show and more you have ever read or heard is inside you and outside of your awareness.  This is a tool that can tap your own internal vast reservoirs and more.

>> Click here to learn Applied Kinesiology Methods You Can Use Daily by Yourself <<


Energy Healing | Dr. Bradley Nelson | Applied Kinesiology | Muscle Testing

In this webinar we will be focusing on some exciting techniques to get the most out of muscle testing:

  • Learn how simple muscle tests can uncover hidden allergies, vitamin deficiencies, and nutritional imbalances in a matter of seconds.
  • The wrong way to muscle test. Don’t make these common mistakes that will hamper your ability to get answers from the body.
  • Discover the secret to determine the exact type and dosage of the supplements and herbs that your body needs….yes your body knows exactly what it needs and how much it needs!
  • Watch live demonstrations of the simple but incredibly powerful “Mind Map System” that combines the power of muscle testing with the “computer” inside your body.
  • Join in and get your questions answered as you “explore your health” in ways you have only imagined up until now.
  • PLUS: Learn how to do it the right way – Simple tips to help you get clear answers from all your muscle testing.


I prefer the term Applied Kinesiology: because, there are many ways to use AK without testing the muscles. Learn from this seminar first and see our video at to see additional demonstrations and approaches.

Energy Healing | Dr. Bradley Nelson | Applied Kinesiology | Muscle Testing… We’ll get into this further in future. I developed my own Energy Healing methods by using Applied Kinesiology, AK, Muscle Testing or whatever you care to call it. Almost any Energy Healing method will work for you and that includes creating your own.

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Energy Healing | Healing Circle | Healing Touch

Energy Healing | Healing Circle | Healing Touch… I think a wonderful thing you can do for yourself and others is find and join or create a Healing Circle to explore different forms of Energy Healing.

Healing Circle

Energy Healing | Healing Circle | Healing Touch

FlickR Photo By Circle of Friends


Energy Healing | Healing Circle | Healing Touch

“Joan Milliman has the “touch,” literally. A villager since 2008, Milliman is a licensed hypnotherapist, but says that she’s been a Healing Touch therapist since the 1950s, when she was in her 20s.”

Healing Touch (HT) is an energy-based therapy that we all have the ability to use, according to Milliman. It is basically an electrical field (aura) that is distributed throughout the body. It can be used by itself or in conjunction with traditional medical treatments. Today, many hospitals train their nurses in HT to help reduce patient stress before medical procedures and after surgery to help reduce the need for pain medications.”

“Milliman says there is no physical pressure, just touch that spreads energy and there is a spiritual element to it. “Everyone can benefit. It can not only help pain and stress, but it also helps people dealing with grief. You just have to be receptive to the spirit of touch.”

“A typical session that Milliman leads is what she refers to as a “healing circle,” which takes place at the Faith Episcopal Church in Laguna Niguel. “Even though it’s held in the church I attend, we welcome everyone. We all sit in a circle and hold hands. This creates an energy that passes from one hand to the next all around the circle. We like to start with a prayer, which is up to the participant to join in or begin after we’re done, but we love having as many as possible create this positive flow.”

“One of Milliman’s favorite stories about how effective HT is, she says, “Years ago, we had a priest that had been having some very serious health issues and there was a chance that he might have pancreatic cancer. He wasn’t there, but during one of our then group’s healing touch circles, we all started with our usual prayer and then held hands and started sending out our positive energies to him. He was aware that the circle meeting. At his next set of tests, he was feeling better and the doctor told him that the area they had been watching was completely clear! That was the most exciting and wonderful outcome of one of my HT circles.”

“While anyone interested is welcome to join Milliman’s healing circle, she also recommends that if you are more interested in one on one private session that you check with local hospitals to see if they have trained and certified therapists on staff. Classes in healing touch are taught through Golden West College. “There is a 5 level program that anyone practicing should have completed.”


Energy Healing | Healing Circle | Healing Touch… Do a search for “local Healing Circle”. Join one or start one and explore Energy Healing, Healing Touch and look at some of our articles and see what else looks interesting.

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